Calculating How Many ORE To Add Liquidity
Many people ask about how to find out the quantity of ORE and BNB to add Liquidity. Here we will try to provide that info for you. A little technical, but pretty easy once you understand how it works.
Find out​ these three variables:
  • The number of LP tokens.
  • The total number of LP tokens in circulation.
  • The current amount of tokens in the pool.

Step 1: Find out the amount of LP tokens you need.

Step 2: Find out the total amount of LP tokens in circulation. Look for "Total Supply" in the page that opens on BscScan.

Step 3: Take the amount of LP tokens you need staking found in Step 1, and divide it by the "Total Supply" in Step 2, and you get your share of the LP.

For example Rarity 1: LP Ratio = 2.016/3,125.135577 = 0.00064509

Step 4: Select "Contract" to be taken to the smart contract's page to be taken to the contract's page. On the contract's page, you will see a drop down that displays all the current assets within this contract address.

Step 5: Calculating How Many ORE is simply using your LP Ratio obtained in Step 3, and multiplying it by each of the assets in Step 4.

Quantity of ORE = LP Ratio∗Amount of Assets
Quantity of ORE =0.00064509*31,175.43260108=20.1109598
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