StarMiner Characters (SMC)

StarMiner BOX

All StarMiner Characters are born from the BOXes, Players must first purchase the Box with the $ORE token. Once a Box is opened, a unique StarMiner Character (SMC) NFT is minted. Each SMC has a unique genome that defines how it looks and how rare it is.

StarMiner Character (SMC)

SMC stands for StarMiner Character which is the NFT role on your wallet.

SMC Attributes

Each SMC is the BEP-721 standard token. It has a unique genome that defines its appearance, including body, face, head, eyes, arms, mouth, ear, and legs, which are generated by its hash byte code.

Miner Power

Each Miner has its own power value, the maximum is 120 power. 30 power will be consumed each time you mine and 10 power will be recovery every 2 hours.
You also can stake ORE token to speed up the recovery of Miner power, then it only takes 1 hour for 10 powers! You save half time to earn more!
If you have multiple miners and want to speed up all for recovery, you should stake ORE for each miner.