The Deep Space
​A new mysterious and dangerous mining planet has been discovered in the Deep Space and miners can team up to go mining! By participating in this mission, miners can earn a higher reward. But there is some danger in the Deep Space. If the miners wish to return home with their harvest, the new miners must go to The Deep Space to take charge of their work. If not, these miners will be lost in the Deep Space.

Mission rules

1, miners who participate in the Deep Space mining mission must buy at least one ticket.
2, after the spaceship is full, it takes off and the next one starts to prepare.
3, when the 3rd ship is full, the 1st ship will start to return with the minerals (ticket value of 120%).
4, if the 4th ship cannot take off with full crew within 4 hours, this mining mission will fail and the mission will restart. The 3rd and 2nd spaceships will have to return and the miners will be refunded about 85% (2nd spaceship) and 91% (3rd spaceship) of the ticket value paid. The miners on the 4th ship will get the full amount of the tickets paid back.
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